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1. Mass trading of combustibles (Gasoline 10ppm, Lead-free petrol, Solar, Mazut, Furnace Fuel). Owns 35-40% of Albania’s consumption market and is growing every year.

Currently we trade combustibles in every Brick Factory, in Metallurgical Combine Elbasan, etc., by supporting in storage capacity and in means of transportation (Autobots) that the Company owns.

For years we have been contracted furnishers of Regional Hospitals in Albania and of different Ministries with furnace fuel. Seriousness and correctness are distinctive features of the company Bolv-Oil j.s.c.

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Bolv-Oil J.s.c.

Adresa: Fushë-Mëzez, Kashar, Tiranë, Albania

Tel: +355 697007000


Olsi L.l.c

Address: Fushë-Mëzez, Kashar, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 697032070


Support for the Electronic Token +355 697058023

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